Hello, I’m Vinch

And this is my website.

Here you can find some pieces of code I wrote to learn new tricks or just to have some fun! Everything is on GitHub.


  • instabeacon

    A service listening to a WebSocket (powered by Firebase) and indicating where my colleague Michael is located in the office. We used 3 Fitbit devices (Bluetooth LE) that we placed in different rooms. Michael created a simple Android app to send the closest device from his Android phone. This web application simply listens to the events sent by Michael’s app and it displays them on the screen. It is powered by a lightweight Ruby server named Vienna.

  • upload

    A 100% client-side file uploader that also works on mobile. Available online here.


  • babs-angular

    Same as babs (see below) but built with AngularJS instead of Backbone.js. Available online here.

  • dkcalculator

    The ultimate death-kilometer calculator. I’m not sure I should be proud of this one but I had a lot of fun doing it. It’s built with AngularJS and takes advantage of some fun stuff like the Google Maps API. Available online here.


  • areacodes

    A web service to get the closest area codes based on your location. I did this because Twilio doesn’t provide this feature yet. Available online here.

  • babs

    A minimalist and mobile-optimized website to find available bikes nearby (based on Bay Area Bike Share’s API) built with Backbone.js. Available online here.

  • chat

    A simple chat I developed to learn Socket.IO. You can find a working version here (which is actually not 100% working because Heroku doesn’t support WebSockets yet).

  • gladys

    This is the teaser website of the soon famous singer Gladys. It shows a fullscreen YouTube video and I used their JavaScript Player API to control it.

  • v1n.ch

    This website is quite an experiment itself. It uses modern technologies like Node.js, Express.js, CoffeeScript, Stylus, Jade, Handlebars, Bower, Grunt, etc.


  • croche

    I implemented this one as an exercise to learn Node.js when I was working at Storify. It’s a simple thumbnail generator. Just give it the URL of an image, a width and a height and it will return you a perfect thumbnail.

  • peep.js

    A small side-project I created with Jeff Broderick that provides fully customizable sharing buttons for your website. Supported services are: Delicious, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. The buttons you can see on my blog are powered by peep.js!

  • plusonecount

    Most of the social media websites provide a URL count (e.g. Twitter or Facebook) but unfortunately, Google+ doesn’t. I needed one for peep.js (see above) so I decided to create it by scraping this page. You can see the result here with a JSONP callback.

  • story-json

    A bookmarklet you can drag & drop to your bookmarks bar and which allows you to see the JSON version of a Storify story. It was very useful for debugging.